The Reason Behind the Muscle Recovery ‘Tingle’

The Reason Behind the Muscle Recovery ‘Tingle’

Is it your first time using our Muscle Recovery Spray? Wonder why you get that ‘tingle’? Let us explain…

 Magnesium: Essential for the body to function

Magnesium is a powerhouse mineral. It plays a crucial role in overall well-being. It can help to alleviate migraines, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and more!

Unfortunately, it can be easy for us to become deficient in this essential mineral.

Boosting magnesium has never been easier with BodyCo Muscle Recovery.

Use it daily, morning and/or night to boost your magnesium levels.


Some people may experience a ‘tingle’, here’s why…

The ‘science’ behind the tingle:

This sensation is caused by LOW magnesium levels in the body. There are several factors which contribute to this:

  1. Severe deficiency: When our Muscle Recovery causes a ‘tingle’, it is a sign of low magnesium levels. The more severe the deficiency, the more of a ‘tingle’ that may be experienced. With consistent use of Muscle Recovery, this side effect will reduce as your body adjusts.
  2. Using too much at once: This can make the tingle sensation more intense, start slowly and increase usage as your body adjusts.
  3. Vasodilation: (the mechanisms to enhance blood flow to areas of the body lacking oxygen and/or nutrients). This can contribute to those tingles, which is a sign that the body is absorbing all the magnesium goodness!

Experience the benefits of our Muscle Recover Spray for yourself.

Tips for using our Muscle Recovery Spray

  1. Spray on your tummy at night to improve your sleep.
  2. Use to relieve restless legs!
  3. Can help to reduce period pain.
  4. Spray on targeted areas after working out for better recovery (and improved performance)

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