Skin Care During Pregnancy

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Let’s talk about taking care of skin during pregnancy.

During my pregnancy, more than ever, I found that I was tracking what I was putting into my body, making sure I avoided foods that were unsafe and monitoring what I was eating. 

Then, I was thinking about what I was putting ON my skin during pregnancy.

I have always been conscious with ingredients in my skin care (but becoming pregnant made me OBSESSED), making sure that I only use high quality products (high quality does NOT mean expensive!). 

Now that I was pregnant, I was now even more aware of ingredients in skin care to make sure, like what I was earning, that the products were SAFE (at least 60% of what you put on to your skin is absorbed by the body into the blood stream).

This led me to reviewing my daily, weekly and monthly skin care routines, as well suddenly having the worst breakouts I had ever had (thanks to hormones).

My beauty routine looked something like this:


AM: As usual, I washed my face with warm water and a face washer, BUT I swapped my usual Face Oil for BodyCo’s Blemish Control Face Oil. By the time the second trimester came around, my skin cleared up, and I went back to using BodyCo’s Anti- Age Face Oil.

PM: After washing my face with warm water, I applied BodyCo’s Night Repair Face Oil (as per usual)

BODY: I started applying BodyCo’ Stretch Marks Body Spray DAY AND NIGHT to my stomach, as I knew that the skin would need lots of nourishment for stretching around the growing baby.

I also suffered a lot from ‘restless legs syndrome’ during my pregnancy, so I applied BodyCo’s Muscle Recovery to my legs and feet to get a better night’s sleep.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, BodyCo has a product for EVERYONE and MANY products can be used for MULTIPLE things 🖤. 


ONCE A WEEK: I used SkinLabs Direct LACTIC PEEL on my face before I went to bed. It’s a fantastic leave-on exfoliant which is super gentle on the skin.

2-3 TIMES A WEEK: I used SkinLabs Direct HA and Provitamin B5... because who doesn’t LOVE Hyaluronic Acid?! Just sayin’...


ONCE A MONTH: (mainly because I was too lazy to do it more regularly) I would treat myself to a Beauty CleanSkins SUPER HYDRATING MASK. This mask is maybe my favourite skin care product. My skin always feels soooo soft after I use it. It just makes me happy. I would put it on my face and neck and made myself a bubble bath.

I might actually treat myself to a face mask now and relax with bubs.


Andrea xx


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