About BodyCo.

I have been working in Australia's beauty industry for over 10 years, starting off in store selling skin care and make up (part-time job through school and uni) and then finally got into manufacturing.

It was here that I started learning, and understanding, what ingredients were going into the products I was using, and for a lot of the time, it horrified me.

This is where I decided to change direction a little and started formulating my own skin and body products to use (after all, the skin is an organ that needs to be ‘fed’ well).

I am constantly researching all things to do with beauty, and I understand how the skin works, and my knowledge on that is always evolving. Did you ever realise that every time we put something onto our skin, 60-70% of it is absorbed and takes around 26 seconds for chemicals to enter the blood stream?

So when I started realising how toxic a lot of skin care products actually are, I decided I needed to make my own. This is why I follow the rule ‘if it doesn’t come from something I would eat, I don’t want it on my skin’ (but please don’t eat your skin care… that won’t work).

Amazingly, once I stopped using the old products and only used what I was making, my skin improved significantly. I am constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest ingredients, to make sure that the BodyCo products remain current and effective.

I don’t believe in a 5, 6, 7 step skin care routine. I believe that cleaning your skin and using one, simple, results driven product daily to maintain healthy skin is all you need. If you find that you are using several products in the morning before you even put on your make up, then you have to wonder, ‘do these products even work on their own’?

I am passionate about the skin and am so excited to take you on the BodyCo journey to healthy, glowing skin.

Much love,

Andrea xx