Why you Need Face Oils in your Daily Skin Care Routine

SO MANY people are scared of Face Oils!

I can understand why, particularly for those who have oily skin / prone to breakouts, the idea of putting oil on your face just seems... yucky!

Some face oils are thick, sit on top of your skin and make you feel greasy.

But, that is definitely not the case for BodyCo Face Oils!

They are quick to dry, non-greasy and leave the skin with an amazing glow - not to mention the skin benefits of having a face oil as a part of your daily skin care routine.

We have specially formulated our Face Oils using light, easily absorbed oils, that are inspired by superfoods AND have been specifically chosen to meet the needs of different skin concerns. 


- Strengthen the skin barrier to trap moisture and hydrate the skin

- Support soft and supple skin

- Even skin complexion

- Regulates natural sebum (oil) production, which means they are good for oily skin!

- Reduce acne breakouts and blemishes (due to anti-inflammatory properties)

- Cleanse the skin (with antibacterial properties)

- Boosts skin elasticity and resilience (to external factors such as UV rays)

- Fight free radical damage, providing anti-ageing effects

- Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

- Soothes sensitive skin (by repairing skin barrier)

- Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores

A much needed addition to most skin care routines!

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Much love, xx