The Best Sun Protection Products | BodyCo Sun Protection

You may have noticed by now that we are OBSESSED with using natural, quality ingredients that deliver effective results. 

So of course, we have formulated the BEST natural, physical sun protecting product with Zinc Oxide (the best natural, physical sun protecting ingredient in the world.

Many brands try to make a natural sun protection product with Zinc Oxide, but it can be hard to formulate, so they often use chemical ingredients (yucky & toxic), or the Zinc Oxide product can be very greasy or smelly...

But not BodyCo! As we have our lab and chemistry department, we have spent a lot of time coming up with the most luxurious Sun Protection products you will ever find!

As usual, we focus on delivering effective products made with quality ingredients. 

So, let's chat about why Zinc Oxide is so great...

It is a skin protecting ingredient that is focused on being an UV-B and UV-A (broad-spectrum sun protection) absorber. 

It is effective to soothe skin affected by rashes, allergies or irritation. It improves wound healing, helps lower acne breakouts and supports moisture retention in skin.

Suitable for literally all skin types and concerns. Particularly recommended for those who have sensitive skin. 

It is important to always have moderate sun exposure, wear daily sun protection and a hat and sunnies. 

Find out more about the difference between Chemical & Physical Sun Protection here

Much love, xx