Avocado Seed Oil

Why is it so great? 
Skin-boosting benefits.
What skin concerns does it help? 
- Vitamin E & C = key for skin health.
- Helps the skin repair & improve skin conditions (eg. eczema & acne) as well as helping to improve chapped skin & helps to even skin tone.
- Helps to prevent skin damage; sun damage &inflammation. 
- Helps improve skin elasticity; high levels of healthy fats can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
-Improves overall skin health; helping to boost collagen production, soothe inflammation & lift away old skin cells.
-Helps to prevent dry skin.
What BodyCo Products is it in & how do you use it? 
- Anti-Age Face Oil: ability to visibly repair and improve signs of ageing as well as having a natural UV & DNA protection. Apply 5-10 drops to a clean, dry face. Get the best results as a part of your morning skincare routine & our Night Repair Face Oil in the evening.