Aloe Vera

Why is it so great? 
It has the 'Power of Healing' many skin ailments.
What skin concerns does it help? 
- It can help to soothe sunburns.
- Easily absorbed by the skin, so it is ideal for oily skin, but also to help treat dry skin.  
- Moisturising effects can help eczema and psoriasis by helping to alleviate inflammation and itchiness.   
- May help to treat inflammatory acne. 
What BodyCo Products is it in & how do you use it? 
- Sun Recovery Spray: helps to soothe the skin, post sun exposure. Apply liberally to the entire body and face, after sun exposure. Use more frequently for excess sun exposure. 
- Flight Attendant Spray: super hydrating effects can help alleviate dry skin. Designed for air travel, but can be used as often as desired on face and body for instant hydration, and a dewy glow.
- Tinted Face Serum: ability to calm irritated and reddened skin. It's anti-inflammatory effects could help to soothe inflammatory acne.