Why Keep A Skin Diary?

Why Keep A Skin Diary?

Oh boy, I am late to the party on this one.

You would have thought that growing up with family in the beauty industry, working in the beauty industry (since I was legally allowed to work) & even starting my own brand in the beauty industry, first thing I would have been doing was keeping a ‘Skin Diary’.

Well, it’s 2021 now, so I figured why not! (I also only just started it in Feb, so it’s not even like it’s was my New Years resolution 😂). 

Anyway, as you know, I am obsessed with my skin and ingredients in skin care that keeps skin healthy and gives a lovely glow. But since I started my Skin Diary, I am suddenly much more aware of changes to my skin and what I do and eat has an effect.

In my Skin Diary I include sections on;

- if I applied my skin care that day

- if I wore make up

- how much water I drank

- how much sleep I got

- if I did exercise 

and also,

- did I FUEL my body with appropriate ‘skin foods’. 

Now, this also led me to start a food diary where I plan my meals, keep track of what I’m consuming (both for calories and to see changes in my skin) and so I can physically see what nutrients I am giving my skin. But I’ll talk about the food diary another time.

Right now, I want to focus on keeping a SKIN diary. 

In the last two weeks that I have been recording my ‘skinjourney’ I’ve noticed some big changes, and I’m learning what I need to do to fix things.

Ideally, I would be a great human that eats all the berries and leafy greens, ALWAYS drinks 2litres of water every day, doesn’t consume sugar, caffeine, alcohol... the list goes on. 

But you know what? Where is the fun in that. Life needs to be LIVED. So by noting my usual daily routine and seeing what I do and how my skin is in the days following, I am adjusting my skin care routine accordingly.

For example, it was my mums birthday yesterday so we went out for lunch. 

I had rich food that I don’t usually consume, I had dessert (which is a rare treat in my house), I drank almost no water, yet had probably an entire bottle of white wine to myself. 

Since having Emily in June last year, I’ve very rarely had much alcohol. If I have, it was only a small glass of red with dinner (amazingly doesn’t give me a hangover).

but oh my GOSH I am seedy today! Even though I had totally sobered up by the time I went to bed last night, I feel rather yucky. 

Not just a bit gross in my tummy and tired, oh no. My skin feels weird.

Even though I did my usual skin care routine this morning (click here), my face is imbalanced, it feels both dry and super oily at the same time (I really don’t understand that one). But usually, I wouldn’t really acknowledge how my skin was feeling (back in the days when I would have a big night out).

So tonight, I have put myself in a bubble bath and given my self a Detoxing Face Mask. 

This is what I call ‘Self Care’.

Another factor to include in your Skin Diary. 

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend starting one yourself ASAP. It will help you notice small differences in your skin, and over time you will know how to adjust your skin care accordingly. 

Much love.

BodyCo xx 

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