What My 20’s Taught Me About My Skin & Beauty Care Routines | BodyCo

What My 20’s Taught Me About My Skin & Beauty Care Routines | BodyCo

‘30 is the new 20’... what does that mean?

I have spent my 20’s being free. Going to all the parties at uni, starting full time work and using my 4 weeks annual leave to travel ever year, going to the footy/ events on the weekends... literally doing anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. 

Now, with 6 months left until I hit my 3rd decade of life, and with a baby, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I have learnt over the last 9 years about taking care of myself & what I wish I knew earlier.

So here are my lessons in skin & beauty I learnt in my 20’s.

1. Always wear sun protection 

Want to know how to look 20 when you’re 30?
SUN PROTECTION!!! Erry day, girlfriend! The UV rays from the sun are responsible for 80% of the skin’s ageing. The best option is always a natural, physical sun protection - like our Daily Moisturiser.

2. Clean your face- morning & night

The first step of taking care of yourself! Washing your face every morning and every night cleans out the pores, gets rid of dirt & dead skin cells. Use a cleanser & gentle exfoliator daily. Our latest release- Cleanser & Exfoliator.

3. Use Face Serums

Face serums are formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver specific, targeted results. It is never too early to start (prevention is better than finding a cure- I wish I started using an eye serum sooner). We have recently released a Tinted Face Serum - but make sure you sign up to our newsletter for new products to come (hint hint, some face serums!).

4. Do not use supermarket skin care & expect results

These products are usually made in large batches, with cheaper ingredients. They may feel nice to the touch, but lack the power to get deep into the skin to help make changes. 

At BodyCo, we make all our products in small batches, to preserve integrity of the product, ensure you are getting the best quality product to deliver you amazing results, every single time. We also keep up to date with new/improved ingredients and regularly update formulas, so our products are staying at the top of the market.

5. Consistency is key

Once you find products that work for you- STICK WITH IT. Using a product once won’t give you the best results. You need to keep it up for a minimum of 28 days, or, a full skin-cycle. 

During times of chance, for example, being in lockdown, you might find you have more time to take care of your skin. Treating yourself with face masks/ face peels more regularly is great. Although, it is important though, that your daily morning and evening skin care routines can continue when life is back to normal, when you’re running late to work or taking the kids to school. Your skin care routine must.be.consistant. 

6. Quality products are always better than quantity

Using too many skin care products in your routine can freak your skin out. If you need to use more than 3 products for your morning or evening routines, then something isn’t working.

Another issue with using too many products in your routine could also effect how well some ingredients in one product could be working. 

We formulate our products using natural, quality ingredients, that have many benefits in one product (for example our Anti-Age Face Oil has anti-ageing properties, nourishing & hydrating abilities AS WELL as a natural, inbuilt UV& DNA (sun) protection. 

7. Take care of yourself & make self care a priority

Having a few minutes of me time/ relax time every day is just as important as using skin care products. If you have had a big week of work and really don’t feel like being social on the weekend, it’s okay to say ‘no’. Rest. Recharge. Rejuvenate.

8. Eat skin foods

We all know that eating well is an essential part of having a healthy body / losing/maintaining weight and achieving fitness goals. Did you know it’s also am essential part of your skin care routine? Literally feeding your skin from the inside, eat your antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & drink your water. 

9. Get more sleep

There were so many nights that I would stay out too late, or stay up just because it was a Saturday night so I could. But that takes a toll on your skin. The skin works day & night to protect everything on the inside. When you sleep, that is it’s chance to recharge. So get those 8 hours (naps don’t count)

10. Workout

Apart from giving your skin a sweaty glow, exercise is very good for the skin. It pumps oxygen and blood around & helps keep the skin tight. Just like all the muscles in your body, the skin needs a workout to stay ‘fit’.

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