What is Essential In a Skin Care Routine?

What is Essential In a Skin Care Routine?

If you are new to skin care, or looking to change up your routine, we have what you need. 

At BodyCo, we are focused on choosing quality, natural ingredients and formulating products that help you to achieve healthy, glowing skin. 

Here are our recommended essentials for your skin care routine:

1. Face Oil. Wether it's your AM or PM routine, we have a Face Oil for your skin concern and all skin types. Choose your Face Oil here.

2. Face Mask. We LOVE a good Face Mask. We recommend doing a Face Mask once a week. This is our favourite.

3. Quality Make-Up Remover. A big part about looking after your skin is to always ALWAYS take off your make up before going to bed. We love this one because it becomes 'milky' and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished, unlike many make-up removers that dry out your skin. 

There is no need to spend much time and money on your Skin Care Essentials, the key is to choosing products that use quality ingredients. It makes such a difference when the product actually works.

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Much love xx.

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