Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine's Date Ideas

Can you believe that Friday is VALENTINE'S DAY!?

It's the most romantic day of the year! 

You have the entire day planned.

You'll finish work early, get your hair done, pick up the flowers and the chocolate, paint your nails, put on the NEW OUTFIT that you bought last weekend, order a cab to go meet your date...

But... You forgot to actually PLAN the date itself! (OH NO!)

Don't worry! We've got your back! 

Here are 5 quick, last minute date ideas.

1. Picnic In The Park.

How easy is this? Just grab a rug, pack a basket with a cheese platter and grab a bottle of sparkling. 

It's cheap and no need to book in advance! 

2. Cook At Home.

Maybe you're a natural chef? Show off your skills to your date... even if it is just simple pasta! Paired with a nice wine and you're all set!

3. Get Creative.

Food is always great, but what about an activity? 

Grab some art supplies and some blank paper and sit outside (or inside) to paint up a storm! 

4. Get Active.

Head down to your closest beach for a nice sunset swim. Could anything scream romantic anymore?! Grab some fish and chips and enjoy the view.

5. Go For A Drive.

Who doesn't love an evening drive? You don't need to go far. Pump the tunes (you'll learn a lot about someone based on their taste in music) and have a sing! 


We hope these date ideas can give you some great inspo!


BodyCo, xx


PS - still need to get your date a gift? 

No stress, BodyCo has something for EVERYONE. Click here to see our product list... and pick something up for yourself... After all, Valentine's Day is all about showing love to your most special people... INCLUDING YOURSELF!

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