Top Product Picks for Winter

Top Product Picks for Winter

Don’t settle for dry, winter skin - get that GLOW all year round 🌟

Have you been noticing that crisp, cold morning air hitting your face? 


You’re all rugged up for your morning walk. You get a coffee, just to warm your hands…

And your skin feels dry and irritated (perhaps even a little red?)


Yes, you need a consistent skin care routine, HOWEVER, it is okay to adjust to your winter skin’s needs!

 What effect does ‘winter skin’ have on my skin?

Low humidity levels in winter can actually results in dry air, which then draws moisture from the skin! 

Thus, the skin is left feeling dry & dehydrated (no thanks!).

However, your skin could have the opposite effect. As the moisture is drawn from the skin, you may start to over compensate by producing too much sebum (oil), resulting in oily skin, and potential breakouts.

Maybe you are feeling like you can’t win in this cooler weather? 

Never fear, BodyCo is here!

We have over a decade worth of experience in the beauty industry, with background knowledge on ingredients AND product formulation.

Oh, and to go the extra mile for you, our founder is also studying Dermal Science. So you can be confident that your skin care needs are in safe hands.  

What do you need to do for ‘winter skin’?

In short, you need to give your skin lots of love 💕 


As always, a consistent skin care routine with THE RIGHT products for your specific skin type and concern (if you aren’t totally sure what yours are, please chat with one of our skin care experts via the Facebook messenger in the bottom right of the page).

The goal for winter- NOURISHED SKIN


Some of our fave ‘winter-friendly’ products for glowing skin are;

Probiotic Milk - Makeup Remover

Let’s begin with the start of your skin care routine.
Note, this is a makeup remover, so it will only be used with necessary- but it is an essential!

Firstly, you should be using an oil based product to remove your make up (no, micellar water is not sufficient).
Oil based will actually remove the make up from your skin (have you ever tried to wash off your make up with water? It is painful and never fully removes makeup.

Secondly, we don’t recommend double cleansing, and definitely would not do it if your skin is already feeling dry- or even oily! Read more about that here. By properly removing your make up, the skin should be left clean. You may cleanse ONCE, if still necessary, after this. 

Lastly, we have developed a makeup remover like no other. This product HYDRATES and NOURISHES the skin and leaves it feeling plump and soft. It’s also super gentle, with the added probiotic, making it ideal for those who also suffer from sensitive skin (you may also find sensitivity being a common symptom of dry/dehydrated skin)

The skin barrier is protected and repaired, whilst removing makeup. 

Porfection Intense Cleanse

Our most popular cleanser- gentle, purifying and hydrating. It also offers a light exfoliation to restore the skin.

Willow Bark offers a refreshing experience, also ideal for those with oily, breakout prone or sensitive skin- but also a great choice for other skin types!

It also has powerful antioxidants and stimulates collagen production.

The skin is left clear of dirt, while feeling soft and calm.

Use twice daily (once in the AM, once in the PM) to ensure the skin is clean and ready for targeted serums.  

Flight Attendant Spray

Originally designed for air travel, this refreshing and hydrating spray now has many purposes.

With key ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Water & Aloe Vera, this spray helps to promote healthier skin.

Use it to freshen the skin in the morning, or throughout the day, if you are feeling like your skin needs a little ‘snack’ between AM & PM routines.

Also great to use as a body moisturiser!  

ACE Serum

DRY SKIN LACKS OIL! Therefore, it is important to put oil onto your skin.

Not only that, but our Face Oils can also help with oily skin, by helping to balance sebum production  

Light weight and easily absorbed, this oil helps to repair, protect and strengthen the skin barrier. It also offers a natural UV (sun) protection.

With Bakuchiol, the natural SAFER, alternative to retinol helps with pigmentation and also to help ‘keep away’ belmishes. Vitamin C is great for antioxidants, giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Also with Vitamin E, the protect the skin from free radical damage. 

Safe to use every day, morning and night. Suitable for dry skin, oily skin, pigmentation, sensitive skin and fine lines and wrinkles. 
If you haven’t tried a Face Oil before, or are already obsessed, we highly recommend adding this product to your routine!! 

Dewy Mask

Intense hydration. Ultra nourishing. This Face Mask will give your skin a Dewy GLOW.

Apply to a clean, dry face. Leave on for 20 minutes, or over night. Safe to use as frequently as required, we recommend twice a week.

We have also designed the packaging so that you can carefully apply smaller amounts, as it makes the perfect primer too! 

Hydro-Boost Serum

Designed to give the skin a boost in hydration! 


-Hyaluronic Acid, to hold in skin moisture,

-Niacinamide, renews skin and improves skin immunity,

-Green Tea Extract, a rich antioxidant, and

-ceramides, to enhance the skin barrier.

A fantastic targeted serum for winter skin! Apply morning and night to a clean, dry face!

Don’t forget to look after the bod too!

We tend to focus on our skin care, but don’t let the skin on your body suffer! 
Check out our LIMITED ‘Feel Like A Queen’ bundle to get through this winter 🤍

BodyCo Winter Skin Game Changer

Want to really find out what products are best for your particular skin type? No problem! Chat with one of our skin care experts live now via the Facebook Messenger at the bottom right of the page. We can offer you a FREE skin consultation and find the perfect products for your skin, especially for the winter months! 

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