The Skin Anatomy

The Skin Anatomy

I just want to take a moment to talk about how the skin works. There is so much more than meets the eye, and I think by understanding it’s functions better, it can help you to make healthier, ‘skinformed’ decisions.

Why the skin is so bloody amazing:

As I’ve just mentioned, there is more to skin than meets the eye. It is the body’s largest organ (which you already knew). It is made up of tissues that form a powerful protective layer. The skin literally defends our insides against the ‘nasties’ from the outside world. It protects us. It shields us. It keeps the good in and the bad out.

Another of it’s many functions is its ability to secrete oils. This includes the oil that lubricates the hair and moisturises the skin. It also absorbs the things we need (Vitamin A, Vitamin D…), allowing for the active ingredients (from our skin care) to work.

The skin helps to regulate body temperature.

It is literally our hero.

The skin layers:

  1. The Epidermis: The top layer of the skin. It is constantly shedding and renewing itself. The bottom layer of the epidermis dictates the health of the new skin cells being made. Here, we also find the ‘basal cells’, which are known as ‘the mother cells’ because they literally make new cells. If the mother cells are damaged, then it will effect the health of the new cells (these can be damaged through life and lifestyle; pollution, smoking, alcohol, etc).

  2. The Dermis: This is my favourite layer, it is the living layer. It has collagen and elastin, blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands. This is the layer that change can occur, and where you need to make sure your skin care products are reaching (probably not going to be from your basic supermarket brand). The moisturisers that feel soft to touch, just sit on the top of the skin and don’t actually do anything. When your product is quickly absorbed by the skin, that is the best (this happens when the products have not only active ingredients, but also enough of the ingredients to work).

The skin is truely amazing, and it is so important that you are choosing your skin care products wisely to help and benefit it. Love the skin you’re in!


The BodyCo Team, xx

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