Skin Hacks That Work While You Sleep, So You Wake Up Glowing

Skin Hacks That Work While You Sleep, So You Wake Up Glowing

Beauty sleep can improve your skins health in more ways than one.

While we’re getting our 8 hours of rest every night, our skin is getting the chance to repair, rest and regenerate. This is why your night routine is KEY to having great skin the next day. It is the perfect opportunity to make the most of essential ingredients to do the work while you catch up on some zzz’s. We’ve got you covered for those overnight beauty hacks.

TIP 1: Silk Pillows

We won’t lie to you, silk feels AMAZING on your skin! In fact, it’s been proven that sleeping on a silk pillow case is great for your skin health, keeping it hydrated and wrinkle free. Did you know that silk is made up of natural proteins and essential amino acids which allows the skin to breathe as well as helping to retain moisture WHILE YOU SLEEP. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk allows the skin to easily slide with you as you move throughout your sleep. Not to mention, it makes your bedroom totally luxe!

TIP 2: Lavender Essential Oil

Do you ever go to bed at night, and you’re absolutely exhausted, but your brain just won’t shut off and you end up tossing and turning? Well, Lavender Essential Oil is soothing as it can calm anxiety and improve sleep! You can add just a couple of drops to a diffuser in your room, or gently massage some into your temples. (Handy BodyCo Tip – put an extra drop of our Night Repair Face Oil on to your temples as Lavender Pure Essential Oil is one of the key ingredients).

TIP 3: Night Repair Face Oil to give you that GLOW 

Having a PM Skin Care routine is just as essential to your morning one! It makes life even EASIER when you already wake up with that dream glow. Apply 3-10 drops of our Night Repair Face Oil (or as much as you want) to your palm and massage it into your face and neck (never forget your neck!). This non greasy oil is specially formulates with superfood oils that are chosen to work while you sleep as well as Cacao Absolute Oil and Lavender Pure Essential Oil. This combo is an absolute DREAM to rejuvenate and repair the skin, and all you need to do is sleep! Click here to pick on up.

TIP 4: Water, Water, WATER.

 It never matters on the time of day, water is an absolute essential to having a great glow. Our skin is our biggest organ and it’s always on show for the world to see! A true glow starts from the inside out, if our organs aren’t getting enough water, than the skin will show it. Aim to have a glass or two of water before bed and keep some beside you in case you wake up during the night. This extra hydration will help to naturally promote a youthful looking complexion. Just one glass will start your body flushing out any nasties from your body and restore hydration levels.

TIP 5: Full Body Glow

Never forget to give your arms, legs and torso some TLC with our range of Body Oils. These non-greasy, quick drying oils will bring much needed moisture and nourishment to the rest of your body. (If you have spent the day in the sun, make sure to give hydration back to the skin with out Sun Recovery Spray). Loving your skin isn’t just about keeping your face looking youthful, you’ve gotta love it all!



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