Mother's Day Gift Ideas: The Best Present for Your Mum in 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: The Best Present for Your Mum in 2021

The count down is ON!

With only a few days left to find mum the perfect gift, BodyCo has your back!

We have something for every mum!

The Boss Babe Mum

More and more mums are starting their own business from home, so having an simple skin care routine in the morning and night are essential!

We suggest our Anti-Age Face Oil in the AM. This also has a natural UV and DNA protector, so you won't need to be wearing heavy sunscreen inside, but also can quickly run outside and know your skin is still protected. It nourishes the skin and gives you and amazing glow. It's non-greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving you skin feeling and looking amazing.

For bed time, we suggest the Night Repair Face Oil. Just apply to a clean, dry face before going to sleep and wake up with a natural glow! With specially chosen, natural ingredients including Cacao Absolute and Lavender, this product literally does the work while you sleep!

The Fit Mum

For the Mumma's that spend their days in the gym, playing sport or just love to walk with friends, we have the perfect duo!

The Personal Trainer Spray : Enhances the effect of endurance-like training for a slim and contoured body. Simply spray on arm, legs and torso prior to working out. Specially formulated with a marine peptide ingredient that increases fatty acid breakdown and increases muscle cell activity. 

The Muscle Recovery Spray : The ultimate in exercise recovery, made with Magnesium Chloride, this is one of our most popular products! It has so many benefits, including helping post-workout recovery, helps sleep and period pain. 

The Fun in the Sun Mum

For the Mumma's who live by the beach, who love a relaxing vacay or just spend lots of time outside, we have what you need!

Our Tan Accelerator : This body spray is amazing with a tan enhancing peptide, giving a longer lasting, darker tan, even faster! It is so important to protect your skin when you're in the sun, and this is a great, natural way to have the glowing benefits as well as having UV protection. Simply apply 30 minutes before sun exposure, and continue to apply throughout your time outside.

One of our latest products - our Daily Moisturiser. Enriched with nourishing, antioxidant rich ingredients that protect you from UV and DNA damage AS WELL as fighting the signs of ageing - YES PLEASE!


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Much love,

BodyCo xx


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