Lazy Girls Guide to a Great Glow

Lazy Girls Guide to a Great Glow

Your alarm goes off at 7am in the morning, you are half asleep as you press the snooze button. This happens five times till you look at the time and its 7:30?! You realised you only have 10 minutes to eat something, chuck on some clothes and make your face presentable….

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the perfect place. A busy girl is often a lazy girl when it comes to her beauty routine because she has so many things going on. Read on to see our five easy steps that we recommend to achieving an all day glow!

1. Drink lemon water when you wake up and before you go to bed. You may have heard this one before but it does wonders for you. Not only is it a great source of vitamin C, it aids digestion (goodbye bloating) and freshens your breath!

2. Make sure to eat a good breakfast. If you are like us you probably feel tempted to grab a muesli bar to go. However, keeping aside an extra 5 minutes gives you the right amount of energy to start of your day. Great example of a healthy breakfast is slices of avocado on toast, or a simple smoothie with banana, yoghurt and honey!

3. Plan your outfit the night before. Now this one takes a little bit effort, but honestly we like to decide on one aspect of our outfit the night before, such as choosing a top or bottom. This will save you from overturning your closet in the morning.

4. Skip the elaborate skin care routine and add our Hydration Plus Face Oil all over your face. Just use 2-10 drops on your hand massage onto your face. It protects your skin from UV and DNA damage making you look and feel like a million bucks without going through an 8 step routine.

5. Braid your hair the night before and go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning and take out the braids you will have beautiful waves to your hair.

There you have it 5 simple tips to help you stay lazy but radiant. We hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned we have some really exciting posts coming up, so subscribe to out mailing list and follow our Instagram @bodyco.australia

love, BodyCo xx
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