Know your skin: Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Know your skin: Dry vs Dehydrated Skin


Dry skin and dehydrated skin often have very similar symptoms (which can make it difficult for you to self diagnose and treat correctly). This little cheat sheet can help you figure out what your skin actually needs to get that flawless glow 🌟. 

Dry skin needs more oil, and dehydrated skin needs more water (lucky for you, we have something for everyone)



💕Gently pinching the skin on your forehead, does it crinkle like crepe paper? This could be a sign of DEHYDRATED skin. This can also mean that you’re not drinking enough water, are over-exfoliating or are using harsh products on your skin. To help get your glow back, drink more water, and spray our Flight Attendant Spray on your face and body. (It is a water based product, even though it is specially designed for air travel, it makes a great daily moisturiser thanks to having all natural, high quality ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and a super hydrating peptide). 


💕Are you constantly applying moisturiser to your face AND body? This may be due to DRY skin. It is the lack of oil production in the skin. To help with this, use our oil based products such as; Hydration Plus Face Oil (specially formulated for dry skin), and for the body, our Hydrate Body Spray (which also smells like a holiday!)

With BodyCo, you’ll never have to worry about dry skin again! Xx

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