Is Your Night Time Routine Causing Your Acne?! | BodyCo Skin Care

Is Your Night Time Routine Causing Your Acne?! | BodyCo Skin Care

We know that skin, hormones and gut loveee routine!

Getting 7-9 hours of deep sleep is essential for acne recovery.

Those 3 hours before we go to bed can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep we get!

Ideally, there are a few simple things that will harness our circadian rhythm + supercharge sleep.

1. Having slow carbs with dinner. These are potatoes, rice, carrots, broccoli, kiwi, blueberries & bananas - no flour or gluten grains. It's also key to stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

Did you also know that carbs are essential for women’s hormones? They encourage ovulation and increase serotonin (and sleep).

2. Skin care. Did you know that skin has ‘nighttime mode’? It is when it has the chance to ‘repair’.

During this phase, we need to make the most out of the active ingredients in our skin care products for: wound healing, DNA repair & antioxidants.

*Lil’ tip: don’t go to bed for 15 minutes after doing your skin care, this will give the products a chance to properly absorb into the skin, otherwise it will end up on your pillow! (that doesn’t help your skin)

Our recommendations for acne & blemished skin:

*Porfection Intense Cleanser & Serum these products have Willow Bark, the natural derivative of Salicylic Acid which has anti-blemish, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antioxidant & purifying properties, while also stimulating collagen production and promoting wound-healing. Ideal for blemished skin.

We also have our NEW Anti-acne Skin Solutions Bundle, making your skin care routine easy to follow. 

3. Aim to be in bed by 10pm every night! Our sleep/wake cycles depend on routine. Changing bedtime routine (like when you’re on holiday) is the same as being jet lagged! It messes with your hormones, which could cause breakouts!

4. No screens before bed. Our brain doesn't know the difference between blue light and the sun, so it is tricked into thinking it’s daytime.

Melatonin (the sleep hormone) starts to rise roughly two hours before we fall asleep, the blue light makes this stop and therefore harder to fall asleep. The blue light also causes the skin breakdown collagen and elastin (no thanks!) Having AM & PM routines (even during holidays) can help to keep your skin clear!

Always remember; healthy, glowing skin is a lifestyle. Be consistent with your PM routine to keep your hormones balanced, a healthy gut and to get the best out of your skin care products!

Much love, xx

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