How to: After Sun Skin Care Routine | BodyCo Skin

How to: After Sun Skin Care Routine | BodyCo Skin

You know what we mean - sunburn. Hot, red and uncomfortable skin can make us seriously regret skipping using sun protection. Here is your best guide to properly looking after you skin, post sun exposure. 

The Effects of Excessive Sun Exposure on the Skin

 Daily sun protection is one of the most important products you need to maintain healthy, glowing skin. 

Without it, the sun & UV rays can seriously damage the skin, here are some of the affects;  

  • Fine lines and wrinkles -UV damage can increase the skins signs of ageing by up to 80%. The UV rays can penetrate deep into the skin, damaging collagen and elastin, leading to weakened skin structure and visible fine lines and wrinkles! Wearing a daily natural, physical sun protection, like our Sun Serum is a must!
  • Hyperpigmentation -caused by an increase in melanin, due to sun exposure. Bakuchiol (Vitamin A) is ideal for an even skin tone! 
  • Dry & irritated skin -sun exposure takes away moisture and essential fats from the skin barrier, leaving it looking dry. Some signs of dry skin: flakiness, itchiness and tight.


How to: Protect Your Skin During Sun Exposure 

  1. Wearing sun protection - EVERY DAY, even when it's cloudy! Remember to reapply as often as required. Our Sun Serum is considered the best, natural physical sun protection on the market.
  2. Wear a hat and sunnies
  3. Seek shade as often as possible. 
  4. Drink at least 2litres of water (or more!) when you are spending time outdoors.


How to: Take Care of Your Skin After Sun Exposure 

Your after sun skin care routine is focusing on replenishing the skin and helping it to recover from UV stress. These products should focus on skin hydration, boosting antioxidants and being super gentle on your skin!

The biggest mistake I see with post sun skin care - using oil based / cream products! This is a HUGE no-no! Oil based products/ creams trap the heat from the sun in the skin and can actually increase the damage from UV rays.

BodyCo's After Sun Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

Keeping the skin clean is always important, especially to help regenerate cell turn over. It is essential to use a super gentle cleanser, like our Cleanser & Exfoliator, that won't strip the skin's moisture and protective oils.

Step 2: Super Moisturising Mask

Our Dewy Mask is super saturating and nourishing that will help to replenish the skin of moisture loss.

Step 3: Niacinamide

We LOVE niaciamide for so many reasons, but in this case, we love how it rejuvenates cells and replenishes the skin. Our Glow Serum has high levels of niacinamide, making it perfect (plus it's gentle for sensitive, sun exposed skin).

BodyCo's After Sun BODY Care Routine

Essential product #1: Sun Recovery

Apply our Sun Recovery Spray to the body (arms, legs, torso & back) as often as necessary. This cooling spray has soothing Aloe Vera and Lavender. 

Essential product #2: The Body Cream (water based serum)

The ultimate in Body Care! This water based body SERUM is full of the best ingredients - Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera & more! 

Not only does this Body Cream help to hydrate and replenish the skin, it also has a natural melanin production enhancer, which means your body is able to produce more of its own, natural sun protection.


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