How The Cooler Months Affect Your Skin

How The Cooler Months Affect Your Skin


It's cold out, it's windy, it's raining, so why is your skin getting so dry, tight and flaky? 

It's called 'Winter Skin'. Essentially, your skin is unable to hold moisture during these months and can become more inflamed and itchy.

The best solution? Keep your skin well hydrated!

Here are some tips:


Apart from the obvious, drink lots of water, it is also important that you're eating right. Make sure you're getting a lot of essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3 (from avocados and fish) and Omega-6 (from nuts and wholegrains). These will help to keep your skin clear and hydrated. 


Aim to be exfoliating once a week to ensure you're getting rid of those dead skin cells. 

After every shower (and maybe even before bed), make sure you are moisturising. In these cooler months, you are better off swapping your usual lotion for an oil as it seems to have affinity with the skin, due to it's close structure to our body's naturally occurring sebum. 

All of our Bio Sprays are fast absorbing, have a natural inbuilt UV protectant, hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin in the winter months, however, each has their own benefits.

The Hydrating Bio Spray uses Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil as it's base and is ideal for extremely dry skin (eczema) as it also has anti inflammatory properties. 

The Camellia Bio Spray  has Camellia Seed Oil as it's base and, as well as being hydrating for the skin, helps to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The Rosehip Bio Spray has Rosehip Seed Oil as the base, so it is extremely rich in Omega's and Antioxidants to help reduce the presence of scar tissue. 

Take care of your skin this winter with BodyCo.



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