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Healthy Skin Lifestyle | Tips For Glowing Skin | BodyCo Beauty Blog


This is probably my most said phrase! 

Yes, choosing the right (quality) skin care for you is an essential part, but what is the point if you are constantly overloading on sugar and wine (and smoke!).

I know that sometimes life gets in the way, and that is totally fine. It is just important that you know how your skin will react and what to do!

Personally, I find a skin diary to be a great way to keep track of my skin. It has also helped me become much more in tune with how my skin feels, eg, when it may be oilier than usual or in winter time when it becomes dry.

Noticing how your skin changes (and it does) is very important for making sure you are still using the right skin care. For example, when you are a teenager, you may have experienced oilier skin or breakouts, but in your late 20's your skin might become dehydrated. Continuing to use skin care for oily skin & breakouts won't do much to help your skin with new skin concerns. 

This is why I recommend keeping a Skin Diary. (Become a SkinCareMummy VIP & get a FREE Skin Diary EBook here).

Lifestyle Factors That Affect The Skin

How Much Sleep You're Getting

Sleep affects skin regeneration process and healing ability. Aiming for 7 hours is ideal for optimal performing skin, but also quality of sleep!! The aim is to wake up feeling rested (not irritated).

Spending Time Outside

The body can produce vitamin D through exposure to the sun and that affects your skin and mental health in a POSITIVE way. We obviously need daylight- but it’s important to be protected

How Much 'Me Time' You Get

Giving yourself time to de stress and decompress will benefit your skin. 15-30 minutes a day is great. You don’t have to do it all at once. 5, 10 minutes here and there is great. (A great time to do your skin care!!) including driving, singing, walking, sitting, workouts all count, doesn’t need to be the spa. What do you do for ‘me time’ every day?

Your Diet

  • Sugar consumed. Refined sugar causes inflammation in the skin, leading to a number of skin concerns. Stick to natural sugars, fruit
  • Protein. Eat ingredients that help you produce more collagen. Get some (more) protein at lunch and dinner and remember- eggs are a fantastic source of protein for breakfast & great for promoting collagen and elastin
  • Carbs. Key in a healthy diet (leads to good skin health). Just make sure it’s the good carbs (no, a pack of chips don’t count)
  • Good fats. Lubricate the skin. An essential internal moisturiser. Gosh, avo, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, whole eggs
  • Caffeine. Could trigger cortisol levels which could increase skin issues. Slowly reduce the amount of coffee you have daily. Just sticking to one (maybe 2) is fine. We can still enjoy vices in life!
  • Alcohol. Skin dehydration!!! Again, you can have a glass or two to celebrate life achievements (even making it to a Friday) but be aware of how your skin behaves after booze! Does it suffer the next day? Is it red? Tender? Itchy? Dry? Spotty?

Skin Care

Of course, it is essential that you are following a CONSISTENT routine that suits your skin. It is also important to be using the right ingredients.

We recommend very simple daily routines. Did you know that when it comes to skin care, less is more? The aim is to not 'overload' the skin, which may cause it to freak out. A simple day & night routine also means you are more likely to stick to it when you're busier than usual or running late. 

However, we also recommend a bi-weekly treatment. This doesn't mean you have to go to your local salon every week. We mean choosing two nights a week to really focus on your skin. For example, on a Thursday night you will use a peel (a great exfoliant) and a hydrating face mask. Then on Sunday, you will use a detoxing face mask to ready yourself for the week. 

We have a range of Skin Care Bundles which make choosing products for you routine easier than ever! Find them here


Feel free to chat with one of our skin care experts live via the Facebook Chat (bottom right of this page) if you have any questions or need any help.

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