Frequently Asked Questions About Using Face Oil | BodyCo Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Face Oil | BodyCo Instagram

Last week, we put a question box on our Instagram story (@bodyco.australia) for you to get a chance to ask us any questions you have about our Face Oils.

In case you missed it, we have put together our most frequently asked questions and answers for you. 

Will they make my face oily?

Our Face Oils have been specially formulated with ingredients that are light on the skin, absorbed quickly & are non-greasy. A little goes a long way with our Face Oils, so you shouldn't feel any excess oil on your face. 

How do face oils help my skin?

Our Face Oils are formulated with natural ingredients that can work wonders on the skin, transforming it from 'Dull to Glow'. The help to balance & strengthen the outer layer of your skin, by softening and sealing it, preventing water loss. They have hydrating properties as well as helping to fight the signs of ageing.  

Do face oils work?

Our Face Oils are amazing hydrators, leaving your skin looking and feeling more supple, plump and smooth, giving you a more youthful appearance.

What is the best oil for my face?

This depends on your skin type and skin concerns.

For oily skin, prone to breakouts, we have our Blemish Control Face Oil. However, if you are currently suffering from breakouts, I recommend spending a few days doing a skin treatment (we recommend Skinlabs Direct ) to clear up the skin and then using our Blemish Control Face Oil to maintain healthy, balanced, clean skin.

For dry skin, we have the Hydration Plus Face Oil. Not only is it super hydrating, it has anti-aging properties.

Normal/combination skin we recommend Anti-Age Face Oil. Even if you are genetically blessed with youthful skin, I still recommend using our Anti-Age Face Oil. It is better to prevent the skin from signs of ageing, before it is too late.

All of our Day Face Oils have a natural, in-built UV & DNA protector, giving you all day long sun protection.

Our Night Repair Face Oil perfectly compliments our Hydration + and Anti-Age Face Oils, giving the skin extra benefits, thanks to its nourishing and repairing properties.

Can I use a face oil every day?

Yes, you sure can! Our Face Oils have been specially formulated for daily use- providing many skin benefits as well as UV protection.

Is oil better than lotion?

Oils and creams offer different benefits. Our oils have been specially formulated with natural, easily absorbed, skin boosting ingredients, but it is important to choose the right Face Oil for your skin type and skin concerns to get the best benefits.

I haven’t used one before. Where do I start?

We recommend starting with our Night Repair Face Oil.

It is power packed with ingredients that nourish and repair the skin. If you're new to using Face Oils, or skin care in general, we recommend starting with your night time routine. This can help to minimise any 'skin freak-outs', give you glowing results and also help you to learn what you skin type is and what your skin concerns are (you can usually see this first thing in the morning, before applying skin care). 

Can I put make up on top?

Yes, you can! Our oils are lightweight, non-greasy & easily absorbed by the skin. You may even find that having oil on your skin before makeup can help the makeup go on better & stay in place longer.

We recommend waiting a couple of minutes between applying the oil and putting on your makeup, this is so that the skin can have some time to absorb all of the nourishing benefits from the ingredients.

Can I still use my cream?

There is no need to. Our Face Oils have all the benefits of a cream, and more. In fact, your skin will probably benefit more from using our Face Oils as they have been formulated with skin boosting ingredients that are easily absorbed (more so than a face cream).  

We don’t recommend using a cream as well, as mixing our Face Oils with other products could confuse your skin and cause breakouts or irritation.

I already have oily skin?

That is fine! Using our Face Oils could actually help to balance the skin. That is because the skin makes oil because it thinks it needs more oil. When you use products that dry out your skin (eg cleansing too much, which you might be doing if you think your skin is oily), your body will react by making more sebum (oil). This is how the body moisturises itself, and when you over cleanse, it will over compensate by creating more oil.

We recommend using our Blemish Control Face Oil, as that has been specially designed for oilier skin. It acts by mirroring the sebum production in texture, signalling to the body that your skin is moisturised, so it doesn't over produce the oil. This oil also has antibacterial properties, which helps to keep the pores clean. 


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