For The Busy Mum: Skin Tips to Look Like You've Slept | BodyCo

For The Busy Mum: Skin Tips to Look Like You've Slept | BodyCo

Hands up all the Mumma's out there who DON'T SLEEP! (me!)

I guess it is just a price we pay to look after those little beauty's. 

And it is totally worth it. All the magic that having kids brings... it just sucks (a lot) for a while that you can't get those 8 hours of quality shut eye every night. 

So, when you haven't had a great night sleep... we have a few skin care hacks that could help (at least give the illusion you have slept - unfortunately we can't help with how exhausted you may feel).

The morning after... (a bad night's sleep)


Why Sleep Is Important for Skin.

Look, after a bad night's sleep, you are probably not going to be feeling the best, but it also takes a toll on your skin's health. 

Sleep is literally your body's very own FREE skin care product.

The skin works around the clock. It does SO MUCH while we are awake (seriously, your skin is amazing). It protects us from all the 'baddies' on the outside and keeps all the things inside out body safe (it's not just for show). So when we sleep, it is when the skin has a chance to renew and replenish. 

Poor sleep (or not getting those 8 hours) means that the skin can't perform these functions. It also increases our stress hormone, which then inflames the body which THEN can lead to skin conditions (congestion, dullness, signs of ageing...). See the domino affect? 

BodyCo Mummy Skin Care HACKS

Busy mumma's - got you! Here are some easy tricks to (fooling yourself) that you look & feel alive on minimal sleep, with minimal effort. 

BodyCo has been designed for busy women/ the 'lazy gal', because we have formulated our products with the highest-quality, natural, skin-boosting ingredients, most of the time with multi-functions. So when you're running late to work/ drop the kids to school / the dentist, you have NO EXCUSE to skip your skin care!

Tip 1: Keep your skin care goodies in a fridge. 

To be honest, the best part about doing this means that when your skin is feeling dull, dry and fatigued, applying cold skin care feels AMAZING!

It is a great shock to the system to 'wake you up'. It also helps those tired, puffy eyes.

Our fave product? The ACE Serum. It's ideal for an instant glow.

Tip 2: EYE SERUM!! 

We are yet to release an eye serum, but our friends at Skinlabs Direct have an AMAZING ONE. 

It helps with those puffy, dark circles (and crows feet!)




Tip 3: Give you yourself a face massage

Massaging your face can encourage blood flow and circulation, bringing oxygen to your face. 

HINT: Use one of our Face Oils to help the massage feel a bit more luxe.


Tip 4: Choose products for DEHYDRATION

If you have naturally dry skin, you would probably use one of these every day. But for other skin types, I recommend always having a hydrating skin care product nearby (for occassions such as this!)

We offer a few super hydrating skin care products

Getting enough, quality sleep every night is essential for your mental, physical and skin health. No amount of skin care products will be able to replace sleep, in the long run. 

I hope that these little tips can at least help you to feel a little bit better after a hard night sleep (that is half the battle). 

Remember to ALWAYS drink at least 2 litres of water every day, it is essential for keeping your skin healthy. 


Much love,


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