Common Skin Concerns & How to Help | BodyCo

Common Skin Concerns & How to Help | BodyCo

Skin is different for everyone: What is your skin type? What are your skin concerns? How can you achieve healthy, glowing skin? 

There are so many different aspects to reaching your skin goals, from your diet, skin care products you are using to getting enough sleep & exercise.

We put a questions box in our Instagram stories last week (@bodyco.australia), giving you a chance to ask us questions about your skin concerns. 

We put together 5 questions, from the most common skin concerns you guys have. 

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1. My skin has become very sensitive & irritated

Sensitive skin can be caused by a few factors. Firstly, let's look at your diet. Try to lay off the wine, dairy & gluten for a couple of weeks to see if it is food related. 

Secondly, take a MASSIVE step back with you skin care routine. I'm not saying to give it up, using skin care products is very important, just try a simple routine:

  1. Clean your face. Use a super gentle cleanser for this. Removing dirt/ make up/ dead skin cells is an essential part of taking care of your skin. We have just released a Cleanser & Exfoliator - perfect for sensitive skin. 
  2. Protect, protect, protect. Wearing sun protection is an essential for all skin types, but particularly sensitive skin. Our Daily Moisturiser is a natural, physical sun protector, which is ideal for sensitive skin. It also helps with cellular regeneration, improving the skin's immunity & has anti -inflammatory properties. Perfect for nourishing & protecting the skin.

Sometimes, when we are using too many products, or the wrong products for our skin, it can cause sensitivity and irritation. Simplifying your skin care routine and using products with natural, quality & effective ingredients in them can help.

2. I struggle with dark circles & bags under my eyes.

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This is a common concern that many people go through as we age. It is because the skin losses it's ability to produce collagen as well as it did when we are younger. Less collagen = weaker, saggy skin. This is often where we first see the signs of ageing, because the skin around the eyes is thinner & more fragile because it lacks fat & muscle to support it.

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3. My skin is very oily, I regularly clean it, but skin care products make me look greasy. 

Oil (sebum) is very important for the skin. It is what keeps the skin moisturised. Did you know that you can over-clean your skin? Or that oily skin may actually be dry underneath?

People can be scared of using products on their oily skin, but Face Oils can actually help.

Let's start with regularly cleaning the skin. Only do this in the morning, and at night, before applying your skin care products. Also, make sure that you are using gentle products - our Cleanser & Exfoliator can help!

Now that you have cleaned away dirt & dead skin cells, you need to nourish, hydrate & protect the skin. The way that the skin works, when we clean it, the skin thinks to itself 'Oh no, I feel dry, I need more oil'. So your job is to use a skin care product that will BALANCE the skin. This is why a our Blemish Control Face Oil is so good - it will hydrate the 'dry' lower layers of the skin & the sebum production will think 'I am moisturised, I have produced enough oil, I won't make anymore'.

Overall, if you have oily skin, a Face Oil should be your best friend!

4. I am prone to breakouts.

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5. Pigmentation & dark spots

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Vitamin A (Bakuchiol) reduces hyperpigmentation, whilst also being safe to wear as a day product. 


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Much love, xx

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