5 Tips to Manage Anxiety

5 Tips to Manage Anxiety

Let’s talk about anxiety

Everyone can get so caught up on physical beauty and wellness, that we can forget about those demons circling in our minds.

It’s hard sometimes to properly express what is actually going on in our little heads, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore them.

For those of you who know what I mean, seeing a professional is always a great thing, but you can also start with little things yourself:

1. Working out. Whether it’s a walk in the park or going to a yoga class. Let your body move!
2. Eating better. Try cutting out sugar and upping your intake of fruit and veggies.
3. (This one really hurts my soul)... less coffee (oh my!)
4. Do NOT drink alcohol. When you’re feeling like your head may just about expliod and all you really want is a glass of wine to ‘chill out’, this will very quickly backfire. And you’ll be even WORSE the next day
5. Sleep! Maybe you just need a little more rest to let those brain cells calm down.

(Ps- did you know you could spray some of our Muscle Recovery onto your tummy and lower back before you go to bed? Magnesium deficiency could be a reason for your crazy thoughts. It’s amazing how the body works!)

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