5 Tips to Give Your Skin Some Love, After a Big Night | BodyCo Skin Blog

5 Tips to Give Your Skin Some Love, After a Big Night | BodyCo Skin Blog

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We are all about creating effective skin and body care products, made with the highest quality, natural ingredients. 

We also like to encourage a healthy skin lifestyle, from skin care products that are best suited for YOU to other factors like yummy, nutritious foods, workouts & getting a good nights sleep (amongst other things).

But, today is St Patrick's Day (yes, I know, we are an Australian brand, but we still celebrate)! As much as we try to encourage an over all healthy lifestyle, we do know that things get in the way (like St Patty's Day). So instead, we are going to chat about how to recover from your big night & give your skin some extra TLC!

Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Take of your make-up 👏 (the night you get home)

This is a very important step in post-drinking skin recovery! We all know that taking off your make up at the end of the day is essential, however it can be a bit harder after a big night, when you get home, your feet hurt and you're exhausted. But do it. 

Our Probiotic Milk removes make-up, while nourishing the skin and giving it a boost of hydration.  

2. Cleanse & exfoliate the skin (when you get home + in the morning)

If this isn't a part of your daily routine already, this is a very important time to cleanse away dirt deep in the skin & encourage cell turn over. It also helps to take full advantage of the active ingredients in your skin care! 

Our cleanser + exfoliator is perfect for gently cleaning out your pores.

3. Give your face a massage! (Don't forget a Face Oil)

We loveee a nice massage! You can simply use your knuckles to massage your jaw, cheek bones and forehead... just make sure that you massage in an upward direction and use one of our face oils for a lovely glide.

We recommend our ACE Serum to give the skin a boost of vitamins and omegas!

4. De-puff those eyes!

This is so important after a night out! It can also help to minimise those dark circles. Use regularly with your skin care routine for at least 4 weeks for best results. 

Try our Bright Eyes Serum for this!

5. Over night Face Mask 

After a big night the skin can feel all kinds of gross (and maybe even breakout)!

That's why we recommend putting on a face mask before going to bed (the night you go out & the following night) to give the skin the best chance to renew + replenish. 

Our Dewy Mask will do it all - with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea and bakuchiol (to name a few), the skin will be glowwwwinggggg!


Remember, a healthy life requires balance. It's just knowing what to do after a big night to help repair the skin.

Much love & happy St Patty's Day! xx


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