5 Sunday Hacks For The Perfect Start To The Week

5 Sunday Hacks For The Perfect Start To The Week

My oh my how the weeks fly!

Somehow it seems that time is passing in the blink of an eye, but your to do list just keeps growing! You promise yourself midweek that you’ll start ‘on Monday’.

So now, it’s Sunday and you realise that tomorrow will be ‘new week, new me’. But, you can set yourself up for success this week by starting today!

Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your Sunday’s, so you can ‘start on Monday’. 


Okay, I know this seems crazy, especially if you had a big night on Saturday, BUT getting your body clock into a routine means that you can’t waste your Sunday in bed!

It is actually much easier to get up early in the morning if you do it every morning!

I remember back in school days when I played sport, I struggled SO DAMN HARD to get out of bed earlier for training and be on time. Then one day, my couch told me that no matter what day it is, she ALWAYS got up at 5:30 IN THE MORNING. Even if she didn’t have to be at work that early, she would take the morning a bit slower to get ready and have breakfast, but she was never tired, and found waking up so easy.


Think of it as a ‘Sunday Detox’. Whatever you ate or drank over the weekend, sweat it out. Help to rid your body of toxins and feel fresh and energised. It will also help you to sleep better Sunday night, which means… EASIER TO WAKE UP MONDAY MORNING!

 My favourite Sunday workouts are lower intensity to my HIIT classes during the week. Try Hot Yoga, Pilates or even going to a 5km walk!


Have a look in your diary at whatever you have on this week. What appointments do you need to prepare for? What food prep can you do to make midweek dinners that much easier? Plan what you’ll wear and pack your bag (and your kids) the night before. This will save you running around in the morning and forgetting that important project you’ve been working so hard on!


I am a HUGE believer in skin care that works! I don’t have time during the week for a 6 step routine, morning AND NIGHT! So during the week, I keep to the basics (check out our Face Oils here). But on a Sunday, I like to spoil my skin! Which, if you have ONE good product that you use daily, you’ll only need to do anything extra once a week. I like to either lay in the bath with a Face Mask (click here for my favourite detoxing mask), or, I will put a Face Peel clean, dry skin before bed and leave it on over night (here is my favourite to use).

 Then, Monday morning comes, all I need to do is my usual, wash my face with a face washer, dry it and put on my BodyCo Face Oil. Ohh, how easy it is to glow!

  1. RELAX

Okay, so you’ve been super productive today and you haven’t had the usual ‘sit and binge watch Netflix’. Well, tonight is your chance. Make your favourite dinner, or treat yourself to your favourite take out. Just chill and relax. Let your body rejuvenate. You’ll be thankful tomorrow!

I hope these few tips help you to be successful this week! Keep on kicking goals, girl!

BodyCo. Xx

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