5 Skin Care 'Rules' You Should Probably Start Breaking | BodyCo

5 Skin Care 'Rules' You Should Probably Start Breaking | BodyCo

Hello there my beautiful boys and girls!

We all know that the skin is an AMAZING organ and we need to do what we can to take care of it & keep it healthy. However, there are many 'rules' that have been passed on from grandmothers, or spread throughout social media from influencers and beauty brands about how to take care of your skin.

These are the top 5 'rules' that our skin care experts would like you to start breaking (and we have the perfect products to help!)

Rule One: Using Chemical Sun Blockers

As you may know by now, here at BodyCo, we are obsessed with the ingredients used in skin care products. We are all about simple, natural, safe and effective ingredients, giving your skin the best possible results, every single time. 

So what is a chemical sun blocker? These are the 'nasty' ingredients. Find out more about them here. 

They can create more harm than good to the body, and can be particularly harsh on sensitive skin. 

We would much prefer a physical sun blocker - like Zinc Oxide - for our daily UV protection. Lucky for you, we have this available in our Daily Moisturiser (plus so many other benefits). This super luxe, silky texture serum is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is easy to absorb into the skin and doesn't leave you with the 'blue/white mask' that many sun protections have.

Make sure that you are wearing sun protection every day and are reapplying regularly!

Rule Two: Over Cleansing Your Skin

Okay, I know there is a big thing at the moment about 'double cleansing' the skin, but this seems a bit much. When you cleanse, it is stripping the skin of it's natural oils (sebum). It can also irritate the skin, making it 'red'. If you need to get rid of make up, always use a make up remover, instead of double cleansing. 

I find that this process is much more common in oily skin types, however this can actually make it worse. That is because when you cleanse, the skin thinks it needs to create more oil (sebum) to protect, replenish and moisturise itself - not exactly what you want. 

We recommend sticking to cleansing the skin ONCE in the morning, and ONCE at night. We offer a Cleanser & Exfoliator, which is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and the Porfection Intense Cleanse, specially formulated for blemish prone skin. 

Rule Three: Not Using A Face Oil

In the theme of wanting cleaner skin and being afraid of oil (especially oily skin types), our Face Oils can actually help balance out the oil (sebum) production. 

Face Oils also serve as an extra level protection for your skin, helping to retain moisture, anti-ageing properties & helping to repair the skin barrier.

Our Face Oils are specially formulated to be quickly and easily absorbed by the skin, leaving you with beautiful, non-greasy, healthy skin. All of our Day Face Oils also have an inbuilt, UV & DNA protector in them. 

We have a range of Face Oils, please feel free to get in contact with us to find out which one is right for you. 

Rule Four: Using Retinol

Again, we are obsessed with using natural, quality, effective and SAFE ingredients. 

Retinol can give the skin stunning results, but it is extremely photo-sensitive (can not be worn in the sun), should only used every other night and can often leave skin red, itchy and flaky.

We have a natural, safe alternative that gives the same benefits to the skin, Bakuchiol. It leaves the skin silky, soft and smooth, without being photo-sensitive (so you can use it as a part of your DAILY morning skin care routine). 

It is an ingredient in our ACE Serum

Rule Five: Forgetting The Rest of The Body

The skin is the body's largest organ. Even though the face is the most exposed and the thinnest (therefore shows more signs of ageing), it is important to also keep the body hydrated, protected and well nourished. 

We have a range of Body Sprays - and soon to release some Body Creams!


If you are unsure what your skin needs, please feel free to get in contact with us and one of our skin care experts can help you out. 

Much love,


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