5 Reasons Why You May Have Dry Skin

5 Reasons Why You May Have Dry Skin

Sometimes, our skin becomes dry, flaky and itchy. It does not mean that there is anything bad, in fact, there are some simple ways to improve your skin such as; avoiding harsh, drying soaps and using good quality, hydrating skin care and body care. 


Why You May Get Dry Skin:

  • Weather: skin tends to become its driest during the winter months, this is due to the drop temperature and humidity.
  • Heat: central heating, stoves and fire places reduct the humidity and dry out the skin (especially in the cooler months when the temperature is different inside and outside). 
  • Travel: traveling on an airplane, car, boat cabin or any small space that recycles are can cause dry skin.
  • Hot baths and showers: even though there is nothing nicer than a long, hot shower/bath when you're cold, this can lead to very dry skin. 
  • Harsh soaps: soaps, detergents and shampoos are designed to remove oil and can lead to the skin losing moisture. 
  • Other skin conditions: such as eczema and psoriasis are prone to dry skin.


How To Help Dry Skin

BodyCo have specially designed products for people who may be experiencing dry skin. 

For those who are frequent travellers, we have the perfect product you can take anywhere - our Flight Attendant. Specially formulated for travelling using natural ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Water and a Super Hydrating Peptide, your skin will be glowing the whole way.


When your face is experiencing 'winter skin' and becoming a bit dry and itchy, our Hydration Plus Face Oil will give you the glow you love.


For post shower, or general body moisturiser, we just LOVE our Hydrate Body Oil. Packed full of natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, plus, it smells amazing so you can wear it daily as if it were a perfume! 




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