5 Life Changing Goals to Kick Start 2022 | BodyCo Skin

5 Life Changing Goals to Kick Start 2022 | BodyCo Skin

New Year, new YOU!

We say it every year, but this time, we mean it! We're SICK of the '20's, let's make 2022 the best one EVER! (We all bloody deserve it!)

Daily walks / 30 minutes of movement

Moving your body for 30 minutes a day is an essential for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, but it is also essential for glowing skin! 

Exercise gets the blood pumping, allowing more oxygen to be moved around the body and delivery more nutrients to the cells. Sweat also gives a lovely glow.

We've got the perfect duo to prepare you for a new workout routine, pick it up here!

Mindful eating - focus on skin-boosting foods!

Great skin care is only part of achieving glowing skin. Aim to eat more 'skin foods' such as vitamin (in the form of antioxidant) rich foods, protein & omegas. Avoiding sugar, processed foods and alcohol when possible can help to 'detox' the skin, giving a lovely, clear glow. 

Ps. drinking min. 2ltrs of water a day is essential!

For some 'skin-boosting' food ideas, make sure that you sign up to our rewards program (bottom left button of this page) and follow us on Instagram @bodycoskin. 

Get into routine with your daily skin care (AM & PM)

The key to great skin care results is consistency. It takes an average of 4 weeks for the skin to go through it's full cycle, so you must continue your daily routine morning and night, for at least 28 days. 

It's also important to note that less is more when it comes to your skin care routine. Using effective products formulated with natural, quality ingredients (like BodyCo) will be better for your skin! (Too many products = too many ingredients = your skin could become overwhelmed & react). 

Find a BodyCo Skin Food product that is perfect for you by taking our Skin Quiz, or chat with one of our skin care experts (the chat button on the bottom right of the page). ALWAYS wear daily Sun Protection.

Give your skin a boost with weekly (or bi-weekly) face masks

Daily skin care is essential for achieving and maintaining healthy skin, but doing a weekly (or bi-weekly) face mask can give your skin an extra 'boost'. 

Our fave is our Dewy Mask. 

Aim for 8 hours of sleep every night & reduce stress

Sleep is essential for body, mind & skin health. Getting a good 8 hours of sleep gives your skin a chance to replenish and repair itself. 

Our tips for a better nights sleep: spray some of our Muscle Recovery on your tummy & use a little extra of our Night Repair Face Oil on your temples, the Lavender Pure Essential Oil will help you relax a bit more. 

Let's kick your skin goals together!

Your journey to healthier, glowing skin starts with BodyCo. 

Much love, xx

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