4 Ways to be More Chic

4 Ways to be More Chic

Do you ever find yourself staring out the window, watching the world go by, and then you see this girl. She is stunning. Her hair is perfect, even though shes caught in a windstorm. Her outfit is perfect. And somehow, she’s just effortlessly strolling down the road… in HIGH HEELS! WHAT?!

How is she so poised?

I don’t know about you, but I for one am a little jealous of these girls. Somehow, for me, whenever I think I’m leaving the house looking glamorous, I always manage to be just one hot mess.


But maybe, being chic isn’t about what you look like on the outside… I mean, surely this perfect girl must roll her ankle from time to time in those heels?! And SURELY her hair falls out of place?!


Well, I believe, it’s about FEELING chic on the inside to be able to show it to the world.


Here are 4 ways to make your life a little more chic:


  1. Stop Wearing Yoga Pants… ALL THE TIME!

Holy MOLY, how good are yoga pants?! You can just move and you NEVER have to feel self conscious because the ALWAYS fit and hold you in place! Ahh, my one true love. But, really, how silly do you look unless you’re going to an actual yoga class? Instead, opt in for a flowy dress. You’ll have the same comfort and can still stretch and bend (just choose the time and place) just as easily!


  1. Turn Boring Tasks Into Beautiful Ones

Is it laundry day? Time to wash the dishes? CLEAN THE HOUSE?! Argh, you can only put it off for so long before it just HAS to be done! But, it doesn’t have to be a bore! Put on some classical music and think about how grateful you are to have dishes to even wash, clothes to put away and a roof over your head. Change the way you think about a task, and you’ll change your attitude. Oh, and why not put on a pair of heels? It will be good practice for your next stroll!


  1. Limit Your Wardrobe

Okay, okay, I know, you NEED all of your clothes! But, do you really? You probably have about 10 items you have on repeat, a lot more often than you realise. Plus, the extra clutter just makes looking in your wardrobe overwhelming and harder to see what you have. So chuck out the excess stuff and INVEST in a few staple pieces, that never go out of style.


  1. Do Things That Make You Happy To Be A Woman

I don’t mean you suddenly need to change your style and become a frilly girly girl. I mean it’s time for you to embrace your femininity. You love red lipstick? Then wear it. You love binge watching Sex & The City? GO FOR IT GIRL! Have no shame! Life is short and love yourself and be proud to be a woman!!


Next time you’re having a casual stroll down the street, bring your new wardrobe, and attitude. You’re KILLING it!


Love ya,


BodyCo. XX

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