2020... what the f#%k was that?!

It has been said before, and will be said again, 2020 has been HARD!

The whole world has struggled and EVERY BODY has been tested one way or another. Can I just say how proud I am of everyone that we have made it (almost) to the end.

Personally, this terrible year has been the biggest year of my life so far. Melbourne (where I live) spent about 6 months in lockdown, but gosh, it’s amazing how fast the time went with no plans. 

Usually, I would have spent almost every weekend during the winter at an AFL game, the spring would be spent at fashion week and spring carnival and a quick trip to Europe would be squeezed in somewhere too.

However, I knew from the start that 2020 was going to be different from any year that has passed, as I had my first little girl in June (no doubt you have followed my previous posts). 

But I still had plans. As soon as I could, I was going to dress the baby up in a football jersey & making a facinator to take her to the races. 

It’s amazing how quickly all those plans dissolved. 

Our family and friends missed out on meeting our precious little girl, and I never got to dress her up and take her anywhere... but I’m okay with it.

Don’t get me wrong, it devastated me at the time, I was having massive FOMO that I was missing out on Emily’s first year... but I have realised that 2020 has slowed me down. It has given me time to recover and bond with our baby instead of going from one social event to another. This year has given me a great excuse to cancel plans... because we couldn’t even make plans to begin with. 

As we approach 1/2 a year with our little girl, I’m ready to start doing things, and I now understand that, realistically, I needed to wait for Emily to be a little older before I take her everywhere with me. 

Even though we don’t know what 2021 will bring, I intend to make the most of this ‘freedom’ while I can and involve Emily as much. Although I have high hopes that next year will be kind to us all, I’m not holding my breath. 

But let’s remember, no matter how tough things get, how quickly our plans and ideas change, nothing lasts forever. We will get through this, together AND, through all the challenges thrown at us, we have all grown and are amazingly strong! 

Keep going,

Much love,


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